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United States
height- 5 feet, 5 inches

weight- 130 lb

eye color- changes, blue; green; grey, mainly blue

natural hair color- dark brown

regular hair color- blue-black

hair length- chin, no bangs

birth- North Memorial Hospital, 11:26 am Friday, August 28, 1990

stereotype- goth

hobbies- reading, writing, drawing, cooking, massage, cosplay, gaming

relationship status- single

personality- split by three ways

piercings- two on left lobe; one on right lobe

physical condition- frail; poor immune system; overly-powered sensory

fighting style- koyotennou (pressure points, fatal points, momentum)

cosplays- Demon Lord Ryu (original character); Umbrella Corporation field medic (original character); Count D; Sae Kurosawa

personal quotes-
"Don't feed the children, eat the children."
"I'm gonna strangle you good!"
"Love, peace and donut grease."


colors- purple; blue

flower- moon lily

weapons- heavyblade; couse/naginata

legal weapon- bokuto (Yukiko)

guns- P90, Dragunov, P99

video games- Fatal Frame series; Disgaea series; Makai Kingdom; Resident Evil 4 and 5; DDR Max 2; Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball, Silent Hill Series, L4D2

movies- Ong-Bak; Galerians: Rion; Leon the Professional (international version); Boondock Saints, Fight Club

manga- Pet Shop of Horrors; Gunslinger Girl; Dragon Knights

anime- Outlaw Star; Trigun; FLCL; Hellsing Ultimate, Digimon season 1

songs- Must Be Dreaming, Breathe In, Shh and Let Go by Frou Frou; VIVID; The Light Before We Land by Delgados; Invasion From Within by TSUNAMI BOMB; Terrible Lie by NIN; Get Ya! by Lee Hyori; Lanananayeej; Caramelldansen; Get Out Alive by Three Days Grace

savory foods- lobster; king crab; snow crab; pork pot-stickers; spaghetti with fresh parmesan

desserts- chocolate truffle cake; french silk pie; milk chocolate-dipped Dove ice cream bars; fresh fruit tart (strawberry, peach, raspberry, kiwi); raspberry marscapone

idols- Lewis Black; Demon Lord Etna; Ryoko Mitsurugi; Rath Illuser; Count D

others- Foamy the Squirrel; Red vs Blue; VG Cats; Little Apple Dolls; Japanese folklore, Nick/Ellis

dislikes- myself; most humans (sluts and pigs in particular); winter; bitter, sour and spicy flavors; chipped nails; people who stare; apes; Mexican food; babies and/or small children; unnecessary noise and light; animal abuse; people who degrade women; hardcore furries (the bestiality kind); unsubstantiated double-standards

Current Residence: Minnesota
Favourite genre of music: metal, alternative rock, techno
Favourite photographer: Rei Kurosawa
Favourite style of art: classic-style anime and manga
Operating System: Gateway piece of shit
MP3 player of choice: I guess I kinda want an iPod... No I don't.
Shell of choice: turtle shell! ^_^-<3
Skin of choice: my skin! it is so nice and pale and smoothe and clean...
Favourite cartoon character: Prinny, dood!
Personal Quote: Don't feed the children, eat the children!
I understand that when I search the words 'red butterfly', not all of the results will depict red butterflies. However...... When many results depict some butterfly-related thing and the color red is not to be seen, I am irked. When many results feature the color red in some manner, but have nothing to do with butterflies, not even a bow, I am irked. When more than 60% of the results have nothing to do with butterflies and have no red in sight, I am just annoyed at the way people are spamming keywords to appear in more search results as an attempt to get more pageviews. "But Ryu, you can report deviations for keyword spamming." Yes..... because I have all of the time in the world to report THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of individual postings for basically making themselves into auto-spam. That sounds like a lovely way to spend a few weeks every time I use the DA search engine.

My baby bird Yutaka is gone. None of the places that we have a shot at renting will allow him. He was picked up by a woman and her apprentice who live/work in a house where they take care of, train and re-home parrots. I don't think I'll ever see him again, and it won't stop hurting. I may even end up having to leave behind my kitty Maggie with my soon-to-be-ex housemates. I'll never forgive the one responsible. Not for this.
  • Mood: Movingon
  • Reading: room rent ads and Googlemaps

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